Shipping and Contact Info


This is an automated, print-on-demand store for members of my Patreon group.  Get guaranteed customer support on my Patreon page >>> Patreon

Pros and Cons of Print-On-Demand

Printing the product after an order has been placed, allows for the supplier to minimize waste and materials.  Unfortunately, it takes a few weeks to get your product (2-4 weeks total; see below).  But, if you can wait just a few weeks, then you'll have an amazing gift that you can enjoy for the rest of your life!!!

Quality Concerns

If you're worried about buying a 'print-on-demand' product on the internet, just note that not all of the 'print-on-demand' suppliers are the same.  Some are known for just printing cheap designs on cheap material in the cheapest way possible. However, our supplier ("Subliminator") uses the best and brightest ink, with an innovative sublimination printing technique that will never crack or fade (no matter how times you wash it).  They use high-quality materials and sew every product by hand.

Customer Service

This process has worked seamlessly for me in the lower 48 states.  If you're in my Patreon group AND you live in the lower 48 U.S.A., customer service is guaranteed.  However, international shipping has been a bit more complicated for me.  I would love to offer better customer service to international customers, but I can't guarantee customer service on international orders at this time.

U.S.A. Shipping 

Lower 48 U.S.A. - FREE SHIPPING (2 to 4 weeks)

U.S.A. customers can contact me on Patreon for guaranteed customer service during the shipping process.

Shipping times are based on long-term averages and not guaranteed (especially during holiday season and lockdowns).

  • Each order is made by hand and given to the shipping company within 2-7 business days--at which point, you will receive a tracking number.
  • After the tracking number has been assigned, you should use your tracking number in order to contact the shipping company to determine the estimated delivery date.
  • Depending on time of year and location, the product will be in transit for another 6-9 business days with the shipping company. 
  • Total time for production and shipping within the lower 48 United States is 8 to 16 business days total; or 2 to 4 weeks.

International Shipping

International Shipping = $9.99

If you don't live in the USA lower 48 states ...

Please Be Cautious.  I don't speak every language; and, I am not familiar with specific, international shipping procedures in every country.

Even though I've never had a problem with the supplier (they always give a great product to shipping company within 7 business days), I have had problems with shipping companies, internationally.  During my testing phase, International Orders took a long time (4-8 weeks); and, I had problems with about 20% of international orders getting delivered by the shipping companies--due to restrictive customs and tax laws in specific countries.  Gift-giving is an extremely personal process; and, I don't want to make any commitments in this process that I won't be able to fulfill.  So, I can't guarantee international orders; and, you must be aware of how to pay taxes on imported goods in your local area.  Even though I can't guarantee international orders, I would like to help as much as possible with the process.  Contact me on Patreon for specific questions.